My 15 Lessons from 2015

31 Dec
  1. The people you love will always hurt you, more than your enemies will. Whether they do it intentionally or not, they just do.
  2. Forgiveness is not for the weak. It’s easier to hate, it’s harder to let go. Getting hurt is inevitable, forgiveness is a choice.
  3. Focus on the things you can control. The world won’t stop spinning. People make choices every day. You can’t control that. But you can control how you react to things. Focus on that.
  4. Take a break. Hit the pause button. Things now won’t be what it is a few days later. Take the time to notice.
  5. Make the people you love, feel loved. There’s no such thing as being too thoughtful.
  6. Travel. See the world. Start small, but start NOW. God created the world so beautifully, we owe it to Him to see it.
  7. If it doesn’t make you happy, stop doing it.
  8. Expect the worse in every situation, so that you will never end up with the short end of the stick.
  9. Always expect change.
  10. Understand that you ALWAYS have a choice.
  11. Take care of yourself. Others will claim to do it for you, but no one will do it best than you.
  12. Love always complicates things.
  13. The best thing shared with friends is not only laugter, but tears. When you’ve cried with a friend, you’ll know they’re the true ones.
  14. Laugh and cry. These are the easiest ways to cleanse the heart.
  15. Learn how and when to say goodbye.

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