My Sole Wandered: Panas Waterfalls

10 Sep

It’s normal to thirst for adventure when the day was as beautiful as it was that Sunday morning we decided to check out Tagum City. We wanted to visit the favored Panas Waterfalls in Davao Oriental.

We took a cab from our place in the city to Abreeza Mall’s mini bus terminal going to Tagum. The bus fare was Php 100.00 per person. I really commend their buses for being clean, and their drivers & conductors really courteous and nice.



After an hour and a half, we got down at the Tagum City Overland Transport Integrated Terminal. You have to ride a jeepny across to get to Brgy New Corella. It was an another 30-minute ride. We then arrived in another terminal where you could ride a motorcycle to get to the waterfalls park. We just bought food from the nearby eateries, so that we would have something to eat for lunch. On our way up, we opted to get a tricycle, so that all 5 of us would fit in a single ride. This was a bad idea though, because it was really hard for the tricycle to drive up towards the park. We ended up helping the driver push the tricycle up in the steep areas. Some of us had to go down several times to lighten the load of our ride. It felt dangerous, but exciting at the same time. However, on our way back, we settled with riding a regular motorcycle that charged Php 30.00 per head.



We finally arrived in our intended destination. You have to pay an entrance fee of Php 20.00 per head, and then you’re free to explore the whole place. It was a Sunday when we went there, the obvious bad thing about visiting a tourist spot on weekends is that the place is expected to be really crowded. And Panas Falls was no different. There were so many people during that time that it was extra hard for us to get good shots of the place. 

We decided to look for a spot in the park that wasn’t very crowded. After braving the muddy soil and trekking through small river beds, we finally found our little niche nestled at the back-end of the area. It was our short-time personal haven. We tested out the fresh spring water and we ate our sumptuous lunch, while listening to the calm rush of running water.



Captured candid moments of laughter with a friend is priceless. 🙂

After finishing off our food, we decided to check out the other parts of the park. We trekked back to the bigger falls. We enjoyed the different levels of waterfalls in all its majestic stretches and wide angles. We were also able to snap a few photos that hopefully brought justice to the beauty of the place.






We finally got to the highlight of the whole park. The tallest falls among all the levels littered around the place. We challenged ourselves into climbing up into the mid-portion of the falls and enjoy the water from up there. We didn’t really get to swim because it was too crowded to get a decent space for a few laps. We contented ourselves with the hard water shower we happily got from the beautiful falls.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Photo Courtesy of James Bake Masong (IG: jamesbake)






Over-all, we were happy we got the opportunity to enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary Sunday far from the city. Our ever-present love for water is obvious in all our adventures. But this time, we took a break from our usual frolick in seawater and enjoyed the refreshing cool spring water instead.


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