Define Love

7 Oct

First, let me describe how much I love.

Every breath I have is yours.

Every beat of my heart is yours.

You own every thought, every dream, and every wish.

My prayer never ends without you in it.

I have never given this much of myself to anyone before.

I am yours – completely.


Then let me describe how much you hurt me.

It’s like needing to breath but getting suffocated every time I try.

Every time my heart tries to beat,

  it’s like water filling my lungs at the same time.

For every thought, I remember the scathing words.

For every dream, I remember the loneliness.

For every wish, I remember the pain.

My prayers end unanswered.

It’s like giving all of me to someone, who rips it apart, and returns it back piece by piece.

It’s like dying a hundred times every day, in different ways and in different places.


You are my exception and my rules.

You are my safe place and my house of pain.

You are my happy ending and my bittersweet beginning.

You are my sanity and my crazy.

You are my oxymoron.


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