Of Cheating.

12 Jun

Women who cannot comprehend the fact that stealing other women’s men is inexcusable, regardless of the reason whatsoever, should be boiled and skinned alive then left to rot in whatever dump available.



Men who let other women steal them should be circumcised again and again, then left to suffer a long, slow death until all they could ever think of is the way they made their women cry because of their insuffarable need to have more than what they should have.


Unfaithfulness and cheating is probably the most argued topic nowadays. At the event of numerous tv shows and movies depicting Infidelity, people from all walks of life have something to say. For me, I stand firm that as a woman, when a man belongs to another, no one has the right to come in and destroy that. Other women who think that they have the right to waltz in and take the man claiming that they’ve fallen in “love” should just bury themselves 60ft deep underground and stay there. In the first place, they don’t understand love. They don’t understand its sacredness and beauty for them to have the nerve to destroy it. And these men who marvel in the affection of other women are as much to blame. When you court your girls, you made promises you would never probably keep but what you should get into your thick skulls is that at least you would have the courage to keep her safe from the endless torture of going through a cheating experience. If you’re not man enough to say NO to a flirting bitch, then probably you should just stay single until the day the earth decides you deserve to die and decompose in its sacred soil. Until then, suffer in your loneliness because you dont deserve someone to love you when you cant stay faithful.


2 Responses to “Of Cheating.”

  1. va320 September 13, 2014 at 10:51 pm #

    This goes out to your acquaintance named daphne fuentes(daphnenitely) and my x. I hope you can forward this piece to her. She’s not just a thief and a home wrecker but a good pretender as well. To top it all, she’s not even single. A married woman sleeping with another woman’s man! Your entries speaks of how life shattering infidelity is. I cant never understand how one can live with all the lies. With all the excuses in the world to justify the act. Thanks and keep posting!

    • va320 September 14, 2014 at 1:10 am #

      *can never

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