Burger Heaven

23 Feb

I’ve been hearing a lot about this burger place in Paseo Arcenas, Banawa. Some even claim that they have the best burger in town. Finally, I got the chance to try it for myself.


Bacon Mushroom Melt
Php 128.00
As the name implies, the burger is of mushrooms and bacon bits with melted mozerella cheese. A perfect post workout indulgence.

Someone told me that when a burger patty easily breaks up, it means that it isn’t chemically processed. This is exactly how the burger is n Frontgate is. I have no idea if the thing about patties is true, I still need to verify and research on this. But if you want to be less guilty about eating a fat burger, then you can try it here.

They have a wide array of choices for you to choose from. All are at very affordable rates.  think I’ve found my favorite in the Bacon Mushroom Melt. ♡


Got to enjoy the sumptuous food with my dear cousin and boyfriend. Nothing beats a good meal with your loved ones.

So as a first timer, they definitely met my expectations and I’d probably come back to check out their other kinds of burgers. 🙂

Till then, loves. ♡


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