My DPC Story

21 Feb

DPC & Me

My story with DPC started with a simple Proofreading System for a Database Management class. Ironically, we were offered a sales position despite the non-relation to our courses. April 20, 2009 began the day of my love affair with the selling world.

Fast forward to now when I’m starting to gather up my skirts and leave my 2nd home. I’ve finally decided to move out of my nest and conquer the bigger world outside.

In tribute to the 5 years that I have spent with the company, I have listed down the 10 things I am most thankful to DPC for:

  1. HOW TO SELL. I am an IT student and I had no selling experience whatsoever when I joined the group. For them to transform me into one is something I will never forget. I fell in love with selling and everything that came with it.
  2. THE PEOPLE. When I came in, my circle of friends solely consisted of people I’ve met in school. They changed that. DPC became my 2nd family. The friendships I’ve built have become my source of strength in several of my problems in the past years. The clients I’ve met made me fall in love with my job everyday. My mentors have become my second set of parents outside home.
  3. BUSINESS WORLD. When I came in, I was a fresh graduate and my knowledge was limited to the things people my age were only interested in. They gave me the chance to appreciate the beauty of business. This inspired me to take up my Masters in Business Administration. Meeting young entrepreneurs made me realize that there really isn’t any limit to what I can achieve.
  4. NEW TONGUE. As a certified Cebuana, I naturally hate speaking tagalog. But with DPC, I was able to overcome this. I even learned how to speak Ilonggo, though not very well, but I learned to understand the dialect completely.
  5. WANDERLUST. They gave me the chance to travel to all the major cities in Visayas and Mindanao. The opportunity to explore the food, people and tourist spots of these places made me a herald to Philippine tourism. I even dedicated majority of my blog posts to exceptional spots that I got to visit because of my job.
  1. MY BODY. My weight rose and dropped. My love affair with food grew wild and then mellowed down. I learned yoga, zumba, wall-climbing and mountain climbing. I joined running marathons and came to terms with the importance of going to the gym.
  2. ALCOHOL. I learned how traumatic a hangover is. I became allergic to alcohol for a year after getting crazy drunk during one of our summer outings. I fell in love with mojitos and decided that gin isn’t my friend. Beer became a regular companion in night-outs for several years until I outgrew it and stuck to cocktails instead.
  3. THE TRUE STORY OF LOVE. I became a part of the cycle and I hated it at one point and then I appreciated it more. I learned how to love and how to let go. I learned more about myself by realizing that I too am capable of being emotional. I met betrayal and I understood pain. I learned to take care of what I have and come to terms with what I have lost.
  4. ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE The privilege of being able to earn and spend money on your own is very liberating. To be able to buy what you want with your own hard-earned cash is something that should be celebrated by every young professional. And also to be able to give back and help your family will always be a huge blessing.
  5. LEADERSHIP Respect is earned — not demanded. I learned to listen to both my leaders and my team mates. Be a leader with principles and understand your priorities. Always learn to love your people and not constantly please management and sacrifice your relationship with your team instead. Learn to inspire and encourage. To lead in fear does not earn you respect, instead, it plants the seed of hatred.

I always thought I’d grow old in DPC. But life surprised me yet again. My decision to leave was not easy. How exactly do you say goodbye to your home? My infinite gratitude is evident in my desire to be even more successful to give justice to all that they have given me in my tenure. As I move forward and become a part of a bigger picture, I hope that the people left behind also learn to appreciate what the company gives. I pray that they somehow learn to look beyond DPC’s faults and instead celebrate the blessings that they get. The company isn’t perfect, and at the moment, more of its shortcomings are being highlighted more. However, amidst all the disappointments,  the past 5 years have been an exceptional and amazing experience that I would never trade for anything in this world.

 Thank you, DPC. Thank you for making me the mojito-lover, love-cynic, travel-hungry, fitness-junkie, and power-salesperson that I am. My life has never been the same since I met you, which was exactly my plan before I joined. Thank you for pushing me to the edge and consuming me till I ran out of excuses not to grow up.

Thank you. 🙂


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