A Little Bit of India in Cebu

8 Feb

A quaint little Indian restaurant, Friozian, found near Captain A and Don Mertos restaurants. If you have a thing for Indian cuisine, then you should check out this place.




Not just a culinary adventure, but the ambiance of the place will transport you to the land of spices. The staff are very friendly and I heard that their cook give palm readings from 2-5pm, Mondays to Saturdays. You just need to order a minimum of Php50.00 (coffee). Unfortunately, we went there a little past 6pm, so we missed this.

They have a variety of food to offer, all at reasonable prices. We picked the ff:


Beef Durum
An authentic Indian Shawarma that cost P125. It can serve up to 2 people. It tastes really good but a little messy to eat.


Chicken Biryani
If you’re a big Indian Food fan, you will be familar with this dish. It’s a popular choice in most Bollywood restaurants. It has chicken flakes in curry rice with lots of spices. Their version is very tomato-ey, making it a bit sour. Still really good though. It costs Php180 but can serve up to 3 people.


This one’s made out of classic yougurt, so if you’re not a fan of this snack, I won’t recommend this to you. However, if you are, then drink up! You can order this for only Php65.

All-in-all, we went out of the restaurant pretty satisfied. If you’re looking into trying new places in the city to dine in, try out Friozian.


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