We Survive Because We Can

11 Nov

The past few months have been tough for my country, the Philippines. We’ve experienced the wrath of man and nature in a way that our losses have become too heartbreaking to comprehend. There’s the  floods in Luzon, the horrific war in Zamboanga City, the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that destroyed Bohol and some parts of Cebu, and then the immensely-tragic event brought by Typhoon Yolanda. As a citizen, i am deeply saddned by the sufferings that my country men are forced to survive from. As an advocate of toursim in my country, it breaks my heart to see such beautiful natural wonders destroyed. But as a Catholic, my faith has never been made this strong. And as a Filipino, I have never been more proud of the Philippines.

A lot of people may condemn my country and say that we deserve all these, but i disagree. I don’t think we deserve it in any way, but I know that these trials were given to us because God knows that among all the countries, the Philippines has the heart and the strength to survive.

Admist all the tragedies and calamities — both manmade or not, I have never seen my countrymen so united and driven to help. My facebook feeds are filled with friends asking for donations to help people they barely know. These are Filipinos who do not necessarily have family in those affected areas, but still they are willing to spend time and money and effort to come up with donations. The desire to help is genuine and real. And I feel humbled to witness this kind of unconditional love for strangers in need.

The places I loved may have been destoryed but they can be restored and will always be celebrated. The people may have lost lives in unimaginable numbers but the love born out of this loss will be returned in a million folds. Fear and sadness may have filled our lands but the kindness and generosity of random people will heal the hearts of those who have suffered. I will never know if this is the last that my country will cry, but I do know that no matter what, at the end of the day, the Philippines will get through it — because we are Filipinos and we have faith.

Bangon Visayas! And God Bless the Philippines.


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