The Barbecue Shack

4 Sep

It was a very busy day in work. We were all over the city doing our thing and when the clock hit 5 in the afternoon, we hopped into our rubber shoes and ran for an hour in the Iloilo Sports Complex. By the time all these were done, we were hungry jackals ready to devour anything that was set before us.

My friend, Randee, was excited to try out this new food place near the house called Barbecue Shack. I immediately asked for their best sellers because I didn’t really have the energy to go through their menu.

I ended up ordering the Back Ribs , which was the local superstar in their menu. And it did taste good. They let you choose between spicy or regular barbecue sauce, which both are really perfect. Their sauce is the restaurant original that sets them apart from all the other barbecue places in town. They also have unlimited rice and for an additional PHP 10.00, you can switch to unlimited barbecue rice. The whole meal cost PHP 189.00.


There are a lot of other meals to choose from. Their sandwiches looked really good as well and very reasonably priced. I’m definitely going back here to try out their other food. 🙂



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