Let’s Barchoy

4 Sep


The next-door hangout place, just a few meters away from where we’re staying. We used to go here all the time last year because of the oysters that they served, but sadly, they don’t serve it anymore. However, we discovered new dishes that they serve that immediately became our favorites!


Chicken Salpicao
This one wasn’t as outstanding as the others. But I love mushrooms, so for this reason, I still enjoyed it.


To non-Filipinos, Calamares is a squid breaded with flour or bread crumbs and deep-fried into a golden crisp. This one I don’t recommend though because it tasted a lot like onion ring rather than how it was supposed to taste.


Beef Tapa
This one is my new favorite here. Their tapa was really good and it was perfectly paired with spice-filled vinegar and seasoned with fresh white onions.


Pork Sisig
This one’s my favorite pulutan. I like mine spicy and flavor-filled and this one satisfied my taste buds really well.


Pancit Molo
If you’re in a tight budget, this dish would definitely work for you. It’s really filling and very delicious at a low rate of PHP 50.00 per serving.

Barchoy is in Jaro, Iloilo City. It started off as a small drinking place last year. Now, it has grown bigger because of its rising popularity. I just wish that they’d go back to serving talaba or oysters though. If they do, this will definitely become my most favorite hangout in Iloilo.

Till then, toodles! ♡


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