It’s Talaba Season Again!

2 Sep

At least for me, it is.
I’m back in Iloilo City for work and the only thing I’m estatic about it is that I can finally indulge again in fresh steamed Talaba (oyster) at a very cheap price.
As I couldn’t wait anymore, on our first night, we had an oyster-filled dinner at Ponsyon Breakthrough in Plazuela de Iloilo.


We each had one whole plate of steamed Talaba at PHP70.00 each. However, this price was already high compared to the other restaurants that served oysters. This was probably because of the location of Posyon and the kind of crowd it catered to.


My most favorite part about eating these kinds of oysters is when I completely submerge its meat in a bowl of spicy vinegar then sprinkle it with rock salt on top just right before i pop it in my mouth.



We also order my favorite Ponsyon-dish, the Binagoongang Baboy. A Filipino delicacy of fried pork with salty condiment called Bagoong, which is commonly served in Filipino restaurants. Ponsyon makes a mean version of this dish, definitely a must-try!

Tip: If you like eating Talaba, make sure that you pair it with a glass or can of softdrinks to make sure that it digests properly.

Happy Eating, Loves! ♥


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