Dessert Overload

26 Aug

It’s a holiday and what better way to spend it than in bed? However, after watching Dexter all day, i felt the familiar signs of boredom seeping so i decided to spend the last remaining hours of the afternoon with friends. A little bit after 5, i headed to this quaint dessert shop in AS Fortuna, Mandaue Cebu to have some cake and coffee.

Fudge is fast becoming popular because of their dessert buffet. However, i wasn’t tempted to try it out because i’m not really a huge sweetooth. I’m good with one slice, and even that can be too much for me at times. This wasn’t the first time I tried eating here though, the last time I had a serving of their best-selling dessert, the Choco Lava cake. I would recommend this for first-timers. It’s basically a brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream on top and thick chocolate syrup all over. Honestly, I wasn’t able to finish my share. It was too sweet but I know that a lot of people, especially dessert lovers, really enjoy this dish. So don’t be peturbed with my opinion of it.

This time, I tried a different cake. I picked out the Fudge Chocolate Cake.


It tasted like chocolate pudding. It’s actually good but I felt like it was too much for my tonsils after several spoons. I had to drink lots and lots of water to finish all of it.

My friend tried the Cheesecake Delight.


I love cheesecakes. Their sweetness is the right amount of sweet for me. This one was perfect. Crunchy crust and cheesecakey in the middle.

My most favorite cake out of the three that we ordered was the Ultimate Combo Cake.


For me, it was the perfect combination of ice cream and mangoes. It was frozen upon serving which made it extra good.

If you’re a big fan of desserts, you should definitely try the cakes here. The prices are fairly reasonable and similar (if not cheaper) to other coffeeshops.


Sweet monday loves! ♡


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