The Truth Behind My Snatching Experience

1 Jul

Last June 22, 2013 my phone was snatched while having snacks at Burger Joint in the Gallery. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the place because it is a popular choice for Cebuanos who love burgers. Aside from that, I’ve always been comfortable in eating there since the establishment always had several guards on duty 24/7. That was what I thought. I never realized that these guards were only just hired to be standing statues, parking assistants and lights supervisors. As so claimed by their security agency.

To shed some light on the situation, this was what happened. I was with 3 friends and my boyfriend. It was approximately 12:30am. We were waiting for our food in Burger Joint – The Gallery. For those who haven’t been there yet, the restaurant is situated in the middle of the parking lot. It is an open space restaurant. We were the only customers. The guard was about 20 meters away from us. But that didn’t stop the thief from snatching my phone while I was using it. I immediately ran after him. He was on his motorcycle that failed to turn on when my boyfriend hit him twice on the back with a chair. My other friends were yelling at the guard to help us but he just stood there and watched the commotion. The thief pretended to get something from his pocket, which made my boyfriend hesitate to continue fighting. I ended up getting dragged by the motorcycle when I refused to let go of his shirt. The whole time the guard did not do anything. It was like he didn’t want the thief to know of his presence. He approached us after the theif got away and casually asked what happened.

Upon police investigation, the guard had random reasons for not approaching the scene. He said he did not know what was happening. He claimed he was not informed, as if my friends screaming wasnt enough. All the excuses he said just to justify his lack of action.

What’s very frustrating is that management would continue to hire him as one of their guards despite his clear inability to protect the customers of The Gallery. It’s disappointing when you make poor judgement on a place that is being popularly trusted by the people to be safe. Stories were even made up about me demanding a phone replacement and me expecting the guard to shoot or kill the thief. I felt insulted to be demeaned that shallow. I only want the guard to take responsibilty and admit of his negligence to do his job. I want the management to reconsider employing people like these who violate the kind of safety they want their customers to have.

I was irresponsible for using my phone in public. For that reason, I never expected a phone replacement whatsoever. It never even occured to me to demand that. I take full responsibility for the lost phone. It’s only fair that the security agency of The Gallery take responsibility for their employees who do not fulfill their duties as well.

I’m not in the position to stop anyone from going to The Gallery just because of my experience. But i would not wish unto anybody the misfortune I went through. Unless the management do something about their security, I wouldn’t be recommending this place for anyone I know.

And to the Pioneer Detective Security Agency, before you claim to make a police report, please make sure you got the story correct. You never even talked to me to get my side of the story. Please make sure you have verified the things your agency have claimed in your report before you make findings and recommendation. You had my contact details but you never contacted me. Everything in your report is unreliable.




2 Responses to “The Truth Behind My Snatching Experience”

  1. tinkygreen July 2, 2013 at 12:51 pm #

    Reblogged this on The Rainbow Life and commented:
    This incident reminds me to be choosy on where to hang out with and my actions and precautions on my chosen place. Tsk. Considering The Gallery management claimed to have similar incidents before my friend’s misfortune – epic fail.

  2. July 6, 2013 at 1:43 am #

    Kuyawa gud ani nga security agency. Why not pursue a case against them? Consult a lawyer. There is clear utter negligence of the guards on duty and what’s more alarming is the principle of this security agency. My gawd! Wayuk kaayo sila yadz. Ako pa ani, ikiha ko ni sila dyud. Ikaw nay biktima, ikaw na nuon sad-an?

    On this note, magcareful na ko diha sa The Gallery. Pirmi man ko diha sa The Pantry unya hilig ko mulingkod sa gawas.

    Tsk Tsk Tsk

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