10 Things I Hate about You

23 Apr
  1. You forget to compliment me but you always remember to point out how bad I look.
  2. Your patience is the size of a pea and your temper is the size of an ion.
  3. You hate cuddling when I need it the most.
  4. The number of times you say Sorry is about the same number of times close to never.
  5. You never know how to comfort me when I’m sad. But you expect me to move mountains when you’re down.
  6. You don’t know what makes me smile.
  7. You make me feel like I can lose you anytime if i’m  not at my best.
  8. You’re mean.
  9. You don’t know my favorites.
  10. But the thing that makes me hate you the most? It’s that those 9 things are not enough to make me stop loving you.

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