The Pit

19 Apr

I’m letting you change me because I want to be changed.
It’s my choice, not yours, not anybody’s.
I let you change me because I like seeing you happy
…and I like knowing that I’m the reason for that happiness.
But please know that I can also choose to stop changing.
Especially when you start forgetting about my happiness too.
I want to be perfect for you,
…but don’t forget that I will always be imperfect in some way.
It isn’t about you all the time.
You are the center of my universe. But not the ONLY thing in it.
Even the stars shift, why can’t you?
If your indifference is because you’ve been hurt,
I’ll work through the coolness with everything I’ve got.
But please remember that I’ve been hurt too,
Yet i’m putting myself out there again. For you.
Please stop for a while and remember that I have feelings too.
Yes, your happiness means everything to me because I love you,
But please don’t give me a reason not to.


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