The End.

2 Apr

I stop and think if this is the direction i want to go.
I count the steps iv taken and calculate how long id have to retrace if the inevitable happens.
The question of worth stays afloat.
The answer unspoken. The choice undecided.
The uncertainties known but left in the open.
Your choice to ignore this rush of words reopen wounds i thought were scars.
How long are you willing to push it?
How long am i willing to take?
The immaturity of time leaves the questions longer.
But will this make the blow softer?
Ultimately, in your hands i leave this.
I hate it but this emotion has always been my kryptonite.
You are becoming my weakness. A mistake that shouldn’t be repeated.
My patience will always stay extended.
Understanding even underrated.
And when i close the door, it’ll be because im empty.
The predicted ending to every story.
You come. Bam. You’re gone.


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