A Quick Lesson I Learned From Men

27 Jan

It’s very easy for me to stereotype men, though I know that not all are the same, experiencing the unfortunate jerk after jerk makes me forget that. I’ve been single for almost 7 months now and I’ve been trying to give myself a chance to explore the game again. I’ve gathered a few observations that I feel like I should really point out:

1. Don’t believe everything they say. Or anything that they say for that matter. Sad to say, but we’re falling short of honest men who seriously want to get to know you over men who pretend to be interested in what you have to say just so they can get into your pants. Sad but true. Men say that women are confusing. Well, i think most men know that women fall easily with words. Say the right things, and we’re yours. This little knowledge has brought men more advantage than ever. So women, it could be hard, but it’ll be safer if you label every single word that comes out of his mouth as bullcrap. That way, if by some miracle, what he said was actually true, you’d be pleasently surprised instead of horribly disappointed.

2. The family thing isn’t always a sign of commitment. I’ve met men who introduced me to not just their parents but to the whole clan (yes, including grandmama and grandpapa who’s visiting from his hometown), but that didn’t stop them from breaking my heart or from being the biggest, most unbelievably horrible jerks.

3. Facebook is your bestfriend. It was invented for a reason. Don’t be the trusting, naive little girl who refuses to check out the guy’s fb profile every now and then. It’s not being the over-jealous type, it’s just getting to know the guy more through research. We were taught in school that knowledge has to be gained through hardwork. Well girl, think of this as a project with facebook as your wikipedia. You’ll be surprised at the things you’ll find out. Things you bet mr.smoothtalker would never ever EVER tell you, even if you asked.

Ultimately, not all men are the same. I know a few single,  decent, straight guys are still out there. Unfortunately, the number game is against them. There’s just more jerks out there. And more often than not, we end up with these jerks instead. The secret is not to jump off the cliff too quickly. Before anything else, us girls have to make sure that the guy waiting to catch us is willing to catch only us and not every girl who jumps off.

Toodles. ♡


One Response to “A Quick Lesson I Learned From Men”

  1. johncoyote April 2, 2013 at 2:26 pm #

    Old wise saying. “Slow and easy into a relationship. Know the person before opening doors that can’t be shut.” Good wisdom in your blog.

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