A Food Adventure in Tagbilaran

27 Nov

Every year, I always get a chance to visit Tagbilaran City, either it’s for work or for pleasure. For this reason, I find it very hard to find something new. But this year, I was happy to have discovered new dishes that I could recommend to those who are planning to visit the city.

Check out the dishes below:

1.) Dinakdakan

Restaurant: Gerardas

Lechon Kawali with coconut milk and lots of onions and tomatoes, this Filipino dish was definitely exquisite to the tongue.

2.) Ube Pastillas

Where to Buy: Bohol House of Ube

For your information, Pastillas is a kind of sweet soft candy normally made out of milk and condensed milk. It’s a very popular type of dessert here in the Philippines. There are actually a lot of other stores you can buy this from here in Tagbilaran, however, this one is by far the most delicious.

3.) Sweet Chili CrabsShell Soup

Where to Buy: Sutukil Restaurant in Manga

Finding the restaurant that would make these dishes at a very low price was actually an adventure for us. Manga is a district located a bit far from Tagbilaran city. It took us about 20 minutes to get to the place. It was a really fun experience because instead of the normal pick-from-the-menu-and-order step usually done in a restaurant, we went to the wet market and bought the main ingredients. We got to tell the restaurant chef how we wanted it cooked and it was perfectly delicious and really cheap too.

There are a lot of other restaurants that are you would never find in other places here in Bohol. Please check out my previous blogs to know more about my adventures.

Enjoy loves, Toodles! ♥


2 Responses to “A Food Adventure in Tagbilaran”

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  2. Theola Dewing December 2, 2012 at 3:50 am #

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