Roxas City: A Revisit – Day 2

25 Sep

My day started with a hearty hotel-sponsored breakfast. I wasn’t able to finish my 3 pcs of Spanish Sardines though. But nothing could go wrong with a day that starts with good food. 🙂 After long hours of going around the city for work, my officemates and me finally met up for dinner at one of the city’s most popular food strip: Baybay. However, we didn’t order seafood since not all of our team mates were with us. We were reserving the overload for tomorrow when we could all have a sumptuous “last supper”. The only thing that bothered me about that place was the beggars that were getting slightly irritating. But aside from that, the place was great. Dinner time flew by fast with our usual chit chat. We then explored the little park that was beside the strip and enjoyed taking random shots of the park’s highlights.

For your information, the tricycle fare from Baybay to the city is PHP 30.00. It’s a bit far so you have to pay for more than the regular fare.

We also went to this coffee shop in Magallanes Street named Hot and Cold. We were the only customers in the cafe. I don’t think people here in Roxas are fond of hanging out in coffee shops on weekdays.

After finishing a slice of chocolate cake, two cups of hot (somewhat too bitter) coffee, random topics and hearty laughter, we decided to walk home and enjoy another slow stroll in the park. 🙂

Right before I went inside my room, I snapped a photo of a part in our hotel that I found most beautiful 😀

Toodles. ❤


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