Roxas City: A Revisit – Day 1

25 Sep

I don’t mind my yearly visits to the Seafood Capital of the Philippines. This time, I got to explore the city more. 🙂

On my first night, my friends and me decided to try out one of their local coffee shops found near Gaisano City: Cebrew Coffee. The prices were really cheap compared to your typical latte from starbucks. The only thing we hated about the place was the inappropriately loud music that you don’t really want to hear when you’re hanging out in a coffee shop.


After flipping through magazines and having intimate conversations over hot cups of coffee, we decided to explore the mall a little bit then go back to the hotel to check out the small barbecue place we found earlier. We then ate a bit of this and that and took a walk in their spacious park and enjoyed the peaceful scenery of the simplicity of rural life.



What fascinated us the most was the huge iconic water fountain in the middle of the road. We did our best to take a decent photo of us with it. 😀Image


It was a fun night for us even if all we did was just walk around and eat random food and snap funny photos. But I can’t wait to eat my share of seafood overload soon!



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