Growing Up

25 Sep

I’m not walking away from this because I think I’m defeated. I just don’t think there’s anything left worth fighting for. I’ve wasted enough time overthinking the situation, trying to understand what went wrong and blaming myself for not being what I was supposed to be. I don’t want to keep on dwelling on the things that I could not change. Being angry and blaming other people for my failures won’t alter the situation. What was done has already been done, there’s no point in looking back. There isn’t any rewind button nor is there any fast forward or a stop, all that there is, is a Play button. And this is me, surviving every roll.

They say that you can never forgive someone if you don’t forget. But I don’t think any normal person could forget something that hurt them. This is where you can truly prove that the mind is totally separated from the heart. Forgiveness is detaching yourself from the emotion, but forgetting is impossible because what you’ve learned from the experience is something that you can never ask your mind to erase. Time heals all wounds, we have all experienced this. But wisdom is gathered over time. I’m not claiming to know everything there is about stumbles and falls, in fact, I think I have a long way to go. What I’m sure of is that I also have my own story to tell one day. 

We always have a choice. Happiness is mine. ♥


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