Aloguinsan: The Mini Palawan of Cebu

30 Apr

Eager to get away from the bustle of the city, we decided to check out the hidden paradise in Aloguinsan that was increasingly becoming a popular subject to travel blogs in the cyberworld. After several tour options, we finally settled with one that gave  us the most reasonable price. If you wish to take the same tour package that we had, please contact this person below:

09059133055 – Kuya Rodney

Pacakge Rate: PHP 630.00 / person (minimum of 5 people)

(Please contact number above for package details)

We decided to take on our adventure streak and take the bus going to Aloguinsan instead of availing of the transportation package (taking the bus is considerably cheaper too). The only mistake we made was that we took the bus route: cebu-aloguinsan. There were no aircon buses taking this route by the way, so we had to settle for the non-aircon ones. This was the only part of the day that got ruined. We arrived in the South Bus Terminal at around 7:30am and was promptly in our bus seats before 8am. But the bus driver decided to prolong his rest until after several shouts of complaints (mostly from our group) and endless flow of sweat from the unforgiving heat that he finally gave us the time of the day by agreeing to leave at 9am (he said the supposed schedule for leaving was still at 10am! ). We just wasted 2 good hours in the terminal when we could’ve been in Aloguinsan already! The trip was unbearably torturous as well. Since it was a non-aircon bus, all windows were open to the immeasurable amount of dust and heat that came in to attack us (the primary reason why i am suffering from colds right now despite taking two doses of vitamin c that day. seesh) By the time we got to our destination, our hair was stiff hard and grayish from the dust-attack we endured for the past two hours. Nonetheless, we were more than ready to continue our adventure.

*Tip: If you want to take the bus too, try taking the route: Cebu – Toledo. Then from Toledo, take a jeep or multicab to Aloguinsan market. Then from the market, take the habal2x or tricycle to the town center.

We were dropped off at the Aloguinsan Town Center, across the road was a corner with a sign Bojo River. There were several habal2x or passenger motorcycles waiting for riders. We took 3 (2 for each motorcycle) to take us to the Bojo River drop-off site, where Kuya Rodney was to meet us. We paid PHP 35 for the short trip.

Upon arrival at the mouth of the entrance to Bojo river, we were greeted by Kuya Rodney with beautiful Lais.

It was a 250meter short hike to the resting deck. We were able to catch a glimpse of the beautiful bojo river and bountiful mangrove trees as we walked down the trail.

We were pleasantly surprised when we got to the resting deck because the natives arranged a welcome song with buko juice as welcome drinks. :)

By the way, we arrived in Boho River at approximately 12nn already. (Our ETA when we were planning was supposedly 10am. seesh) Our supposed-to-be morning snacks turned into a late snack instead. They served us their native home-made bread with pancit, and tsokolate.


And the whole time we were eating, we got to enjoy the scenic view of Bojo River inviting us to hurry up so that we can finally the experience its beauty.

After eating, we were given a short lecture about the program that the locals had to promote the Bojo River. Local fishermen served as the tour guides in the river cruise. Their wives and daughters took care of the tourists while they are still at the resting deck. We were also given a lesson on the different kinds of birds and mangrove trees in the area. The ecological system of the place was also explained to us so that we would better understand how this wonderful gift of nature survives.

We were finally ready to start with our Bojo River cruise. Our tour guide was the smart and experience Kuya Tio. The cruise took on a slow, lazy manner, giving us time to enjoy and take in the beauty of everything around us. We at last reached the place where the river meets the sea. It was definitely one of the most breathtaking views I’ve ever witnessed. The gentle slope of the greenery around complimented perfectly the blue-green glitter of the water. The clear view of little fishes made me giddy with excitement to hop into the water and swim with them.

The only thing I hated about this place is the numerous jellyfishes spread all around. I tried to avoid them as much as I could but still, the aftermaths of swimming in a jellyfish-infested body of water is still all over my skin. Nontheless, everything was beautiful and amazing.

We finally finished frolicking in the water after 2-short hours and felt hungry. So off we go back to the resting deck to fill our grumbling tummies.

Here we had fish salad, grilled fish, chicken adobo, chicken tinola soup and mangoes. Lunch buffet was already included in the package.

After lunch, we decided to check out the viewing deck they had on top of a nearby hill. We had to walk through a wooden bridge on the side of the river. It was a fairly long but fulfilling walk.

After reaching the end of the wooden bridge, we came upon a 15o-step stairs going up into the small hill. At the end of the hill, we found this huge cottage that had the 360 degree view of the entire place. The wind was cool and the place was very, very peaceful.

Since it was getting late and we had to be back in the city before 8pm, we decided to head back down and prepare ourselves for the fairly long trip back home.

I want to commend on their restrooms which were very clean and well maintained unlike other resorts that have really dirty and smelly restrooms. Showering was easier for us and we felt very clean and fresh after.

Before we were about to leave, we snapped one last photo from the resting deck and we enjoyed another song from the locals — this time it was a “goodbye” one. :)

We decided to take the Aloguinsan-Toledo-Cebu route since the buses from Aloguinsan to the city’s last trip was only until 2pm. It was a longer trip for me, but better nonetheless since we didn’t have to brave the excruciating dust attack.


It was a perfect day to experience another gift from GOD. I admire those people who took the time to educate us about the importance of Mangrove trees and all the other stuff about birds as well. Even the fishermen memorized the scientific name of each kind of bird and tree. It was really impressive. I hope that you guys would also take the time to see this beautiful place and experience a sudden protectiveness for mother earth. All she has given us is her beauty, we should at least stop to look and appreciate it. :)


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