of Sweet Mangoes, Giant Fishes & Sea Turtles

12 Mar

August 21, 2011. This is the 2nd time I’ve been to the island of Guimaras. But this time, I got the chance to explore the island more. Armed with good company, we set off for a sunday-filled adventure.

We left our house at approximately 9am. It’s really easy going to Guimaras. We took a cab from our house in Jaro Lawaan.

There was 6 of us and Taxi Cabs usually allow 4 passengers only. So we had to pay an extra PHP 40.00 on top of the flagged fare for the 2 extra passengers.

We asked the cab driver to take us to the Ortiz Port where we hopped on a boat to Guimaras Island. The boat fare was PHP 14.00 per person. It took as around 15 minutes to get to the island.

As soon as we got into the port of Guimaras island, we were asked to register in their tourism guest book. We were given ideas on what places we could visit around the island.

The dispatcher took us to a multicab driver that would be the one to take us around the island. The photo above is of our dispatcher. He accidentally took this photo when he was supposed to take our picture.

We paid a PHP 1, 700 for the multicab for the entire day. It was kind of expensive but when we started the tour, we realized that the rate we were paying was just enough since the island was fairly huge and their gasoline there was more expensive than in Iloilo city.

Our 1st stop was the Guimaras Provincial Capitol. They had a tourism area that sold a lot of their local products.

We also dropped by their local museum:Museo de Guimaras, and we just had to take a picture of their beautiful structure.

Our next stop was in the Trappist Monastery.

The place was as peaceful as ever, though we got into trouble because we trespassed in a forbidden area in the monastery, we still got to take pictures of the lush nature around us.

After taking pictures around the place, we just had to drop by their souvenir shop and buy ourselves some pasalubong and some snacks. 🙂

We were told by our driver that our next stop was to be in Reymen Beach Resort already. It was a long drive from the Trappist Monastery, so we took the time to check out the views and of course, we made several stops to have our pictures taken.

After a few minutes and several stop-overs, we finally arrived in our destination: Raymen Beach Resort. This wasn’t my first time in this resort, this was where I also went during the last time I was in Guimaras. Apparently, this was the best resort that they had, that’s why drivers always ended up bringing the tourists in there.

We were anxious to eat lunch already since we were all exhausted and hungry. We ordered food from the resort and enjoyed a sumptuous meal in their dining area. Though, the food was a bit mediocre, we were all hungry so we were very thankful for the food that was served.

After a tummy-filling lunch, we headed down to the beach so we can begin our island hopping adventure. 🙂

This is the little boat we rented for our island hopping adventure. I forgot how much it cost. But I’m sure it was affordable.


1st Stop: Bangus Sanctuary

It was an interesting sanctuary. The place was defined by these narrow wooden walkways or bridges that you’ll have to balance in to see the different kinds of fishes that they had.

It was fun, scary and challenging. Fun because it was something new. Scary because you wouldn’t want to fall into the water. There were numerous scary fishes that you wouldn’t really want to literally encounter face to face. Challenging because once you start walking through it, you’d want to finish the whole stretch.

The highlight of the whole sanctuary was their gigantic milk fishes or bangus in our dialect. Feeding them was an exciting experience since they were really big and when they get the food, they’d swim up and suck on your fingers if you’d let them.

There were a lot of other sea animals in the sanctuary. We got to touch this creature that was a part of the sea urchin family.

They say this is one of the most expensive shells sold in restaurants – Abalone. There was a group who bought pails and pails of this. When you put the live one on your hand, you’d feel it softly and harmlessly suck on your skin.

This is what you’ll walk in to the fish sanctuary. And this is my most favorite part of the whole trip. It lets you stand on top of the water and take in the scenic view of the whole glittering blue-green ocean before you.

2nd Stop: Starfish Sea

We opted not to go down from the boat anymore. Our boat driver and his assistant went down instead and grabbed several starfishes for us to take pictures with. There were probably hundreds of differently colored starfishes to choose from.

3rd Stop: Turtle Protection Sanctuary

This sanctuary was different from the first one I’ve been to. But they have the same concern – to ensure the safety of Philippine turtles that swam in our seas. This turtle was a bit lighter than the ones I tried carrying before.

4th Stop: The Beach

And since it took me a really long time to finish this blog, I already forgot the name of this place. Just that it had huge rock formations, white sand and warm sea water. We enjoyed taking pictures around the area and frolicking by the shore.

This was our last stop for our Island Hopping adventure. We had to hurry so we could catch the last trip back to Iloilo. But before we rushed back to the pier, we just had to stop over the market and get ourselves some of those world famous Guimaras mangoes.

And true to the stories, I had a taste of the sweetest mangoes ever. They were a bit expensive than the usual mangoes since it wasn’t the harvesting season yet but it was worth every cent we paid.

Thanks to our dependable driver and tour guide, we got to the pier just in time to hop into the boat back to the city.

It was a fun way to spend our Sunday. Short but sweet. I wouldn’t mind going back to this little island, especially if I can get more of those really sweet mangoes again!

Till then, Toodles! ♥

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3 Responses to “of Sweet Mangoes, Giant Fishes & Sea Turtles”

  1. Lisa Leroux May 27, 2013 at 1:29 pm #

    Hello ! I’m a 28 french girl and I really enjoyed read this blog as I first went to Philippines last year but I never discover this part of the Phils so thank you so much for your explanations and comment, I’m falling in love with your country… Best regards, Lisa

  2. Rowel Marzan March 21, 2014 at 7:50 am #

    Helo there, I’m Rowel, so much happy. Travelling the Philippines.
    Do have a number?

    • Sheryl Blossom March 21, 2014 at 8:07 am #

      Hi Rowel! Where in the Philippines are you traveling? Maybe I can give you tips on where to go? 🙂

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