So i bid farewell, 2010! :)

29 Dec

i started the year with saying goodbye to my painful but eventful 2009 and i was more than ready to face the new challenges of 2010. it’s crazy how time flies super fast when you’re enjoying it, because before i even realized it, i’m about to say hello to 2011.

2010 was a year of discovery.

I discovered adulthood. I was forced to embrace things that i always said to myself were for adults only. I understood a lot of things that i never thought i would. Complicated stuff like taxes and salaries and expenses were a lot simpler to me than they were before. Being an adult is beautiful because you get to make a lot of choices for yourself. The responsibility can be scary but preparation during the years before has made me excited. However, i also realized that childhood will always be exquisite. And me not being able to let go of the things i loved when i was a child makes me different from others. And i celebrate that difference – because that makes me an unique adult.

I discovered friendship. I’ve done a lot of stupid things just to be a good friend. But i also realized that a lot of the stupid things that i did are not really the things that good friends do. I’ve learned that friends stay by through good and bad times. That when a friend is going through pain and you know that she did that to herself, you shouldn’t say “i told you so”, instead “i’m here”. I almost lost friends because of my being too uptight and outspoken. I’ve learned that there are times that i should be stupid too to be a good friend. 🙂

I discovered adventures. Traveling has always been a luxury and for it to be part of my job has made me forever thankful to GOD. But unlike the past year wherein everything was new and i was too excited to truly appreciate the provinces that i’ve been in, this year, i learned to stop and slow things down to truly see the culture of the places i’ve visited. I’ve done a lot of new things in every major city, for this i’ve not only been there, but i’ve experienced Visayas and Mindanao.

I discovered LOVE. He was given to me when i least expected it. He was the glue that fixed my heart when time allowed someone else to break it. I always thought the world was unfair for making me go through the pain that i did when all i did was love and and all i wanted was to be loved back. But eventually, i found out that GOD made me hurt because Hewanted me to find LOVE. 🙂 I’ve long uncovered the beauty of falling in love, but with Billy was the only time i understood how it is to be loved. With him, i found the simple joys of celebrating not just romance but friendship. With him, i learned that it’s okay to be cheesy, that’s its okay to shout to the world that YES, I AM IN LOVE. How much he has been a blessing in my life i can never explain, but i thank GOD from the deepest core of my being for giving me Billy. He made my life almost perfect and i hope i made his beautiful too. 🙂 He will always be the gift that i will be forever thankful for.

This was a year that i was able to build friendships, rediscover love, experience culture and embrace adulthood. I wouldn’t know what 2011 will give me, but whatever may happen, i know i’ll get through it because of what 2010 taught me.


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