Verse 1: The Absolute Change

7 Dec

All along i thought i was going to Butuan after my Iligan trip. But on December 5, 2010, i was called up by my immediate supervisor and told that i was to be transferred to the Cebu team effective the following week. Imagine how i felt when i realized that i was to be stuck in Cebu for most of my time.

Cebu is actually a great place~ no, it’s a beautiful place. But with my kind of work, if you’re assigned to Cebu only, it can get really dragging and boring. Ever since i started in DPC, i’ve been traveling to different provinces here in the Philippines. That suits me, actually. Because a change of scenery keeps me from being bored. I think that’s the reason why i stuck by DPC for a long time. Well, Billy is the bigger reason actually. And he’s one of the humongous reasons why i hate being assigned in a different team ~ it means we won’t be together anymore.

The adventures and the new experiences were my everyday vitamins. The chance to explore a different province and study how unique their culture is from my own always fascinated me. And i’ve prided myself with the fact that i have a job that provides me all those opportunities for free. But now, with this absolute supposedly-positive change, I don’t know how i’d be able to grasp the fact that I will never be going with my old team.

I know that me rattling on and on about this won’t help me succeed (if i ever plan to) in my job. I know I should be embracing this and facing this head on. But i can’t help but sulk every now and then because I know deep in my heart that no matter what happens (twist or turn of events), I will always have the heart of an Archer. 🙂


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