of women & our fairytales..

29 Nov

“..my heart goes out to you.”

i met an amazing girl this past month. at first, i thought that she was just like every other girl who would throw themselves at my “hunky” officemate. it’s amazing how much i realized i was wrong when i got to know her through her facebook account. slowly, i started to realize that she wasn’t really that different from me, we just have different ways of achieving what we want. and i think i have more self-control than her. but nonetheless, she’s just a little girl who’s desperate to love and be loved.

lately, i’ve been meeting a lot of girls like her. and it’s sad because most men just can’t seem to realize that women just want to make them happy. men complicate the simplest, most obvious things — and it’s really frustrating. our own little fairytales of finding prince charming can bring some women to the edge. we do things we don’t normally do in the hopes of making the man see that we are what they’re looking for.

it’s sad, because having the worst love story is better than having none at all. maybe we can blame it on our parents for letting us watch too many disney cartoons. that’s why our heads are filled with Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty endings. maybe they should’ve let us watch Romeo and Juliet instead, or some other tragic love story so that we wouldn’t get our hopes up too much.

but again and again, no matter how hard women pretend, we always believe that somewhere out there, there is one man who will make all our fantasies come into life. sad part is, the more we believe, the more we actually get hurt.

so we love and we love. we pour our hearts out. we let them turn us inside out. we do everything to make them feel the full extent of our love for them. and then, all of a sudden, they break our hearts. and leave us to wallow in self-pity and regret. it’s not exactly the kind of fairy tale we hoped and dreamed of. but this is the true story that we need to face.

little by little, we get to dictate our own true love story. and all of a sudden, you’ll finally find that one guy you can call your partner, he might not be the kind of Prince Charming you’ve always dreamed of, but he’s real, and he’s yours. 🙂 and the best part is, it’ll happen when you least expect it.

each of us will end up telling a different kind of story of how our hearts got broken and what we did to mend it ~ or how we never got to fix it. but all of us have a whole life ahead to live. and one things for sure, somewhere in between, we’ll have our own love story that in some way will have a happy ending. ♥


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