of “I Just Don’t Love You No More”

14 Aug

..or “I fell out of love

..or “I just don’t feel the same way anymore

..or of every stupid reason guys give to girls they want to get rid of.

that’s bullshit. those are sugar coated words designed by  Mr.ImTheBiggestJerkOfAll himself that he personally passed on from one jerk follower to the other. spreading his priced wisdom to everyone else in this planet.

i’m writing this blog not because i feel any ounce of bitterness for having to go through listening to those exact lies but because i want to reach the thousands of other girls who are going through the same pain i went through eons ago.

first thing’s first — NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU. you were simply a girlfriend and you just loved the best way you knew how.

DO NOT — i repeat — DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF for something that is beyond your control.

instead, understand the reason why he was able to muster the courage to tell you those earth-shattering uber painful words. because there is ALWAYS  a reason. and as long as you are hidden in the world of “not knowing” or of “not understanding”, you will forever be stuck in that place of hurt and pain. as soon as you embrace his unknown reason (that of course you’ve wittingly discovered), the sooner you will be able to love yourself once more.

it won’t be easy — nothing is (painful reality), but trust me, it’ll be absolutely worth it. having to subject yourself into self-pity is the worse thing you can ever allow yourself to do.

he would’ve been more of a man if he just gave you the reason (eg. “there’s someone else” or “i fell in love with my hobby” or “i have problems with my family” or something else, not just a mere shrug or an “I DON’T KNOW WHY“!!). but then again, that was why the word jerk was invented.

it may feel like the easiest thing for you to do is to beg him to have you again. but that’s the WORST thing and the one thing you should avoid doing. get this – he dropped you. on the floor. flat on your face. now, get up and save the little confidence that you have left and walk away – WITHOUT HIM. because no matter what you do or say, he did what he did. you’ll just hurt yourself more if you allow yourself to beg.

instead show him that you’re not the pathetic wimp he thought you were. show him that it was HIS LOSS. not yours. not ever.

learn from him your mistake. understand that men sometimes just turn into jerks no matter how sweet or how much of a knight-in-shining-armor they were at the beginning of your pitiful relationship. they were just built that way (for reasons we, women, will NEVER get). or maybe the love story was just written that way – it was meant to end like that.

at the end of the day, tell yourself, “this too shall pass”. and take every blow one at a time — before you’ll know it, you’ll be listening to the same words, this time — from a different guy. haha.

nah, just continue to believe that somewhere out there, there’s this one guy who missed out when Mr.ImTheBiggestJerkOfAll passed his advices to every other guy in the world. :]


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