25 Jul

Yesterday, i went back to this place in Davao where i went to a year ago. and i realized how much my life has changed since then.

thinking about changes, my thoughts brought me back to my tender years during highschool. when my life was simpler and i didn’t have any thoughts or worries but school and the mall (which i went to every weekend). i didn’t have to say any goodbyes to any of the people i cared about (well, except my parents — but they were always traveling in the latter part of highschool so i was a bit used to it already). i had my friends around me all the time — and they were a smaller circle so a lot less complicated.

but look at us now — most of us are working, a few have migrated abroad, some are pregnant (the most unexpected ones) and even some are already married. who would’ve thought that time could fly by so fast?

and we go back to that nostalgic feel the minute i stood at the exact spot i stood in a year ago. my, all the changes — it’s staggering — even overwhelming. never in my wildest dreams did i think that i would be saying goodbye to that one person that made me feel so special for 3 long years. never did i think that i would last this long in the company i’m working for right now. never did i expect that the people i thought to be just acquaintances before would be real good friends right now. never did it occur that i had any ounce of chance of being promoted. and never did i foresee that i would be falling in love all over again.

The only constant thing in this world is change.

never had i understood this line as much as i do now. being able to grasp this makes me feel liberated — excited — and scared. the unknown has always been an uncomfortable thought for me, and knowing that i have absolutely NO idea of what change may bring me another year from now makes me nervous. but im excited too, because not knowing doesn’t just bring bad surprises but good ones too. 🙂

im proud of myself ~ because in a way, i’ve learned all by myself to embrace change in the best possible optimistic way that i could muster. =)

cheers to the next years filled with bad — and hopefully good changes too. 🙂


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