books and my life

27 Jun

i’ve always been the bookworm. growing up in a foreign country, i wasn’t really allowed to go out and play with our Pakistani or Egyptian neighbors. most of the time, my sister and I were crammed up inside our room. we would draw and color and watch the few cartoon shows that were on tv (my little unicorn, star bright, and captain planet), we would play with our barbie dolls or day dream about being princesses in castles or fairies in mythical forests.

so when my mom bought me my first book – Snow White and Rose Red, i fell in love. i was so fascinated that even if i was just starting to read – i was able to memorize the entire book. i would go and bring my book and read it to my parents’ friends and they’d know that i had already memorized the book because i was reading out story lines that was still on the next page.

My love affair with books heightened when my parents bought us our first sets of encyclopedia. There were 4 different kinds:

  • New Standard Encyclopedia – this was the one for older readers, but i read them anyway. i tried reading all (from A-Z) but i can’t remember if i got to finishing all of them.
  • Muppet Stories – i was introduced to kermit, ms.piggy and all other Muppet characters. it was fun reading about all their different funny and educational stories. there were 12 books all in all in this set. and i read them all. =)
  • Charlie Brown Encyclopedia – this one is for kids. very informative but very graphic too. i especially love the one about animals. (i’m always fascinated with animals – always. ) i think there were 12 or 24 chapters. im not sure.
  • Sesame Street Stories – i was a fan of the show already. having them on book was better for me. 😀

the time i was able to go to school, i preferred to be in the library than in the playground. our librarian would complain to my mom about me always disrupting the arrangement of the books.

when we had to go back to the Philippines, same rules were applied to me and my sister. we still had to stay indoors on weekends and every after school. we were not allowed to go with friends to malls and stuff like that, so my love story with books grew furthur.

it was then that i met Francene Pascal – the hailed author of Sweet Valley. i first started with Sweet Valley Kids (because this was the stage wherein i wanted to read books with pictures). then i found that i enjoyed reading about the life of the Wakefield twins: Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, Lila Fowler, Amy Sutton, Todd Wilkins and so many more. So i read on till Sweet Valley Twins and Friends then Sweet Valley Middle School. And when i grew older, i started to read Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley University. Something about the characters got me hooked up so much with the series that every birthday, i replaced Barbie wishlist to books.

in 4th grade, i read my first novel. it was entitled: Souls Aflame. i don’t remember the author of the book, but it was an amazing one. i read my first erotic novel and i was confused in a lot of ways because some of the words were very different from the books i’ve read in my early years.

eversince, i started to look for longer stories, books that had at least 400 pages. and i started to remember the authors instead of the title of the books. i would look forward every night and every weekend when i could just bury myself in my bed and read all of my books.

Sidney Sheldon, Anne Rice, Judith McNaught, Linda Lael Miller, JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Darren Shan, Lemony Snicket  and so many more. a lot of people who don’t even know me, but they’ve touched my life in a very beautiful way. my imagination has reached its different heights because of these people.

so now, my life has grown bigger to include other things than just books. but one way or the other, i always go back to my usual comfort – reading.


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