18 Jun

i had my interview today for the letter of intent (or ambisyosa letter as my officemate, JC fondly calls it) i submitted earlier this morning. honestly, interviews are my most favorite part of job applications. i always love anything that has to deal with people.

so last monday, during our monthly meeting, our vice president announced that he was accepting letters for promotions until Friday noon and we all decided to submit letters. what did we have to lose right? it was worth a shot. being a telephone sales has its advantages, but being in the field brings more moolah, so of course – more moolah means more shopping so i wouldn’t pass out on that.

so it’s Friday and donna and me submitted our own letters this morning. After lunch, a few of us were already called for interview and this was how it went:

(Well at least the summary, i couldn’t remember exactly how it all went)

VP: I want to make it clear, what position are you exactly applying for?

S: AE.

VP: Okay, you’re the 3rd girl i interviewed that is applying for AE. Now, why do you want to be an AE? (i cant’ remember exactly. was it “What makes you feel that you should be an AE?”)

S: Based on my scores.

VP: Okay, since you talked about scores, according to your letter (yep, i included my scores in the letter, that is in accordance to argh) Your revenue retention is at 97% and your sold new is at 115,000. Do you know how much is the target?

S: 117,000?

VP: no.

S: 120,000?

VP: no. it’s 185,000.

S: Is that for AE?

VP: no. that’s for AETs. 117 is the target for commission able amount for 1:1. but the actual target is really 185,000. We only decreased to 117,000 to ensure that AETs get commissions.

S: (this is embarrassing) Ah okay. i didn’t know that. (big smile — really, this is my trademark. =D)

VP: So if you look at your scores, it’s quite far from the actual target.

S: (Sheepishly) Well, at least i’m getting there. (big smile)

VP: (laughs) Okay, so why do you want to be a premise?

S: Having been able to spend a year in the company, i think i am ready to handle bigger responsibilities. Since, being an AE means bigger accounts and having the pressure to meet clients in their offices – then that’s the reason why i’d want to be one.

VP: Well it’s a common misconception among sales that the jobs of AEs are more difficult than AETs. When the truth is, AETs have a more difficult job than the premise since they have to close accounts over the phone. That’s the reason why newbies should always undergo the training of being an AET.

S: (Feeling stupid. just nods and agrees with the VP for lack of words.)

VP: okay, so if i were to choose between you and Mae (She’s another telephone sales, the team leader of another team), what would be your advantage over her?

S: (Smiles. but is totally dumbfounded — like I HAVE TOTALLY NO IDEA!! )

VP: or will it be easier if it were you and donna?

S: (I am even more dumfounded. i have no idea what to answer) No sir. will it be okay if i don’t compare myself with others?

VP: no. i have to put a picture there. what is your advantage over the others?

S: (quick thinking) Hmmm..I am…I am more open-minded.

VP: So you’re saying that Mae is not open-minded?

S: (horrified) Of course not. It’s because for me, this is my first job after graduation. When it comes to terms to work, whenever new things are being integrated into the office, I can easily adapt and absorb everything since i don’t have any basis of comparison. Whereas with Mae, she’s had lots of experience with other companies, she would be a bit skeptical with changes since she has more to compare with. (nervous)

VP: No. That’s wrong. Why about *****? This is her first job but her scores are very low. It all boils down to the individual. If you’re open-minded then you’re open. But if you’re close-minded then that’s it.

S: (waaaaaaaaaaaa..) yes sir, i agree. but that’s my opinion. (big smile).

VP: Okay what else? What are you strengths?

S: Patience?

VP: what do you mean by that?

S: Well, being able to work here for one year, i know for a fact that most accounts are not closed with just one call. More often than usual, you will need to submit proposals. Some of us are too lazy to follow-up on proposals. But me, being inspired by the other AETs, I become really patient, thus reaping bigger rewards.

VP: We actually have patient AETs? (laughs)

S: of course sir.

VP: Sino?

S: si Malon. (A fellow AET that is one of the top performers and a very dear friend to me. =D)

VP: Then we need more people like her. (laughs again) Okay, so what else are your strengths?

S: I work better under pressure. I perform better if people constantly pressure me.

VP: Okay, so ano pa?

S: (thinks hard. waaa..what else? i wasn’t able to stop myself from blurting out —- ) Ilan bang strengths kailangan ko sir? (big smile)

VP: (laughs) Okay, ganito nalang, you say here that you performed well in all 8 directories that you worked on. Is this my best or your best?

S: (immediate answer) MY best sir. of course.

VP: (laughs) Because my best would be the actual target (which is by the way a whooping 185,000! even field sales cannot reach that amount. seesh..) So how can you say that you did your best?

S: Well, as a new part of the sales team, i got a lot of advices from everybody. There was one time, when someone told me that i should not exert too much effort on the provincial accounts, instead focus on my Cebu accounts in the future since Cebu is always the make-or-break of the entire cycle. I chose not to listen because that is against my rule even when i was in college. I chose to do my best in all my canvasses and thankfully, i’m not having that much of a hard time with finishing my accounts now.

VP: (laughs) Isipin mo kung sino yung mga nagsabi un sau.

S: Bakit sir?

VP: (laughs) hindi mo ba naisip nga kaya ka nila sinabihan nun is to slow you down?

S: (thinks. yea, i never really thought of it that way. hmmm..) hindi ko naman yan naisip sir.

VP: Yes, they are. but i’m glad you didn’t listen. That is your strength.

S: (whew!)

VP: Okay, if we take away the pay and the hierarchy of positions, if AEs and AETs were equal, where would you be most comfortable?

S: (thinks for a while) If it were comfort sir, of course – AETs. You wouldn’t have to go out of the office, you’d just sit here and close accounts over the phone. But as i said sir, I prefer to work under pressure, and handling bigger accounts and personally visiting clients entails a bigger responsibility – so, i’d still go for AE.

VP: Ganun ba ka boring yung life mo at naghahanap ka ng pressure? (laughs)

S: (laughs – i dont know what to say).

VP: okay sheryl, so thank you for your application. i appreciate that all of you have applied. at least, this goes to show that all of you have ambition.

S: Thank you too sir. (stands up and walks out of the room)

So there you have it, my 20-minute interview with our VP following my “ambisyosa” dream. God Bless us all on Friday! =D =D =D


2 Responses to “Ambisyosa”

  1. kArLaLa June 24, 2010 at 3:51 pm #

    OMG. Mura’g intimidating lagi au toh xa’g mga pangutana, Mr. Chips~ xD hahahahahaha!! Good luck, Mr. Chips!!! 😀

    • Sheryl Blossom June 25, 2010 at 12:56 am #

      haha. intimidating mo lang mr.chips! xge lang, it was worth the experience. 😉

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