my scary nightmare

6 Jun

i woke up at 3am in the morning, my heart griped with fear from my nightmare.

the world was nearing its end, people were starting to kill each other for a reason. so my family and me hid in our home (which had an elevator to take you to its sole entrance.) i killed a child in my dream. he was contaminated and he was trying to go inside my home so i killed him by stabbing him. i hated the feeling but i did it anyway to protect my home.

i then realized that my older sister – ate bella – wasn’t with me in the house. i immediately called her cellphone, only to find out that it was turned off. the feeling of fear that something might have happened to her consumed my emotions – and this was probably the reason why i woke up.

the feeling that something is about to happen and you don’t have the power to make sure that all of your loved-ones are okay – was simply horrible.


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