Got it.

27 May

it wasn’t very long ago when i finally reaped a part of the fruit i worked so hard for the past year.

my status in work just came from probationary to regular employee.

it was just a bit frustrating because people think that i only got this far because i was part of the Cagayan canvass.

thats not fair. sure, it helped increase my scores. but i worked my ass off in Cagayan to reach quota. a lot of people were assigned in the same canvass but didn’t get as high as some of us did.

and it wasn’t there that i worked my hardest either.

from Davao to Iloilo to Zamboanga to Cagayan to Iligan to Bacolod until Cebu, i gave it my all.

i knew how to use my resources and work it to my advantage.

i didn’t just complain and complain and complain.

so really, stop this bullshit about it being unfair because i was given more opportunities. it wasn’t exactly a smooth ride for me either- i worked hard for it.

i earned it.

i finally got my first pay as a regular earlier.

it felt so good to find out that you have more than what you’re expecting when you open your salary account.

i vowed to myself since then that starting this pay day, i will be setting aside money for savings.

tomorrow, i’ll be visiting the bank. =)

i feel so independent.

i’m truly beginning to love the adult life more than being a student. =D


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