Time and Responsibilities

23 May


time can be really fast. you tend to ignore it when it’s the most important thing in our lives. we are measured by the time that we make use of.

time began when i started to take responsibility for my studies. that was all i had to worry about – studies.

as i became older in the world of school, i wanted to do many more other things like — writing, leading, acting, dancing, directing and so many more.

i wanted to be busy.

so then again, time gave me responsibilities.

i was always dubbed as the one who fulfilled task religiously. i wasn’t a law-breaker, i was the rule-follower. and it suited me. following the rules was my comfort — it was my way of making sure that what i was doing was correct, and that i was far from any mistake.

thus, the word responsible.

so time flew, i graduated. and i landed my first job.

i bid goodbye to the responsibilities i had in school and i started embracing new things in my life.

i was thrust into the world of sales. a very competitive one at that.

i became responsible to over 600,000 worth of revenue accounts and over 100,000 worth of sold new accounts.

whew. tough job.

and when i started to accept greater responsibilities, time decided to hand me more.

we lost our household help and we ended up with a huge house with only my sister and me to tend for it.

mind you, this was an ever greater job.


sometimes, i wished that time went slower, then maybe i could’ve enjoyed the simple ones longer.


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