you broke my heart.

25 Apr

i wasn’t an exception.

my heart was not spared.

i too was heartbroken.

at one point in my life, i swore never to love again.

never again.

at first, it were snippets. denials. hopes of recovery. pretense.

but one day, it just hit me with a huge BANG.

painful. yes. no heartbreak isn’t.

but good thing was – i learned.

i learned that there aren’t really good breakups. breakups are always painful. there are just people who are really good at pretending.

but the most beautiful thing about heartbreaks is moving on.

its when you’ve finally learned to close that page and you’ve accepted the fact that it’s over will you be able to appreciate the beauty of the experience.

without heartbreaks you will never be strong.

without heartbreaks you will never understand love. for love without pain is not love at all.

without heartbreaks you will never learn. for learning without experience is like memorizing the solutions to a math problem: the minute the exam is over – you forget about it.

so yes. you will cry. you will feel like you don’t deserve it. you’ll blame yourself. and then you’ll blame the guy. and then you’ll blame yourself some more.

but at the end of the day – it isn’t the end of the world.

it’s just the end of the sorry love story you once had.

this is my tribute to the tears i wasted before. to the laughters and happiness and sadness and wistfulness i’ve had.

at least i can tell myself and my children in the future —

yes. i fell in love..

..then he broke my heart.

..and then i learned. :)”


the first chapter:

i fell in love.

we had troubles.

and he broke my heart.

moving on..

my epilogue.


so that chapter has ended.

thankfully, GOD didn’t allow me to stay bitter for long.

HE gave me another reason to believe in LOVE. 🙂

and im happy and more than willing to start a new page.

no guarantees. i might get my heart broken again. and i might cry and get hurt all over again.

..but i know, that in the end – every tear, every memory and every lesson learned.. will be worth it. 🙂

yes. YOU broke my heart. but I mended it..
 and i've never been this ready to love once more.

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