18 Apr

my own piece of sanctuary in the office.

the minute i was given my own cubicle, i wanted to make sure that it spelled out “Sheryl”.

welcome to my colorful world.

1st section:

1. directories – where i stack all directories from all over the Philippines. they are arranged into two different kinds – cut (for proposals and contracts) and reference (for discussion with clients).

2. alcohol – office provides us one bottle of alcohol every month. i can barely empty one bottle in two months especially if we’re traveling. so i keep this here, so i can use it more often. (i still like have like another unopened bottle inside my drawer)

3. pink alarm clock – hard to believe, but im actually very time conscious. one think i can never live without is my watch. this pink clock i have keeps me updated on my call schedules.

4. DPC Planner – the black notebook under the spongebob tumbler. given by DPC. i barely use it though.

5. Blue Notebook – just scribbles and scraps.

6. Contracts – the ticket to a gold mine in my job. 😀

2nd section:

1. Meet my froggy. A gift from Billy. Serves as my pillow and decoration.

2. Froggy is using my spare shades. 🙂

3. All my non-rev lists since i started in DPC. (Davao, Iloilo, Zamboanga, Cagayan, Iligan, Bacolod and Tacloban)

3rd Section:

1. Gift Tag – from my swithart – malon. 😀 this was the tag that was used on her Christmas cake gift for me.

2. PC – everything about work is stored in here – my proposals, filed documents, and etc. but of course, this won’t stop me from splashing a bit of color on its wallpaper.

4th Section:

1. Pencil Holder 1 – where i place all my ballpens and pencils. 🙂

2. Pencil Holder 2 – where all the pentel pens and makers, stapler and ruler are placed.

3. Cellphone Holder – this is one of the bears billy gave me all the way from General Santos city when i was in Zamboanga. Im using it as my cellphone holder.

4. Family Tumbler – a tumbler i got for free in the supermarket. i filled it with pictures of my family.

5th Section:

1. Black Stand – this is where i place my business cards, some of my post-its, heart magnet and flower clip. 🙂

2. Memo Papers – i use these for my scribbles and scraps white talking to clients on the phone.

3. Little Froggy – this little thing lights up when pressed in the stomach. Billy gave it to me too. 😀

6th Section:

My DPC Calendar. This is where i place my rates, call reminders, schedules and etc.

7th Section:

Contract Section

This is the heart of my work. Where all the contracts are place and segregated.

There are the callback and schedules for callbacks, sent contracts, uncontacted contracts, and contracts for reporting.

*there’s also my PRINCE FROG letterings and Hair Clip.

8th Section:

Memos and magnets and other paper reminders i want to keep close in case i need them.

Pink and violet magnets i got from expressions for only 10 pesos per 5 pcs.

Bear magnets are valentine gifts from Malon. 🙂

Butterfly and Smiley magnets are Call pasalubong gifts from billy.

9th Section:

my bulletin board.

lots of clutter.

marketing discount packages. price list. reminders. booda (the voodoo doll). caleb’s birthday give-away. butterflies. ladybug thumbtacks.

10th section:

Magnets. Officemate direct lines. posts.

11th Section:

headset. scores. more reminders. paper clips. huge clipboard. headband. hair turban.

12th section:


1st drawer:

paper clips. thumb tacks. sharpener. meal receipts. medicine. staples. name stamp. colorful Memos. medicine. flash drive.

2nd drawer:

Papers – contracts, memorandum, used transmittals, letter envelopes, DLRs, OB forms, contract jackets.

3rd Drawer:

food (oatmeal cookies), toiletries (pantyliners, tissue, sanitizer, lotion, soap, unopened alcohol bottle), lilac planner, novel, calling cards, other stationaries.

13th Section:

my Bacolod Starbux tumbler

its my favorite. i use it all the time. 🙂

14th station:


i am a very picture-y person. i like to surround myself with pictures. they are reminders that i have people around me who loves me. 🙂

@Boracay with Donna, Billy and Randee. – Iloilo Canvass’10.

our Annual Christmas shots last Christmas’09 @ Picture City.

k1 in Davao with billy, randee, dave, clement, ilyn and donna. – davao canvass’09

Family Picture. 🙂

Seekers pictures. 🙂 my time in DPC, i found true friends in the person of Malon and Cindy. 🙂 we were once team mates – SEEKERS team. though, we were sad that the team got dissolved, we’re happy for our team leader cause she got promoted. this collage is my Christmas gift to them both. 🙂


so that was my office cubicle. every week i guess a lot of other sections get changed or more reminders are added.


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