Day 3: The Journey – the GOODBYE.

15 Apr

April 6, 2010.

The Day i said Goodbye.

I thought of so many things to say. The past week words have just been tumbling out of me.

Rants and anger.

Tears and sadness.

Complaints and frustrations.

it was one hell of a ride.

But surprisingly, the only thing i can come up with at that particular moment was the word – “Goodbye“.

Crazy how experiences just jump on an non-expectant you.

The last time i ever said Goodbye to her was when i left for Tacloban. Never did i dream that the next goodbye would be said on a boat with her leaving us and our home.

Many words will be left unsaid. Many things i wish i did for her would be left undone. All the Thank Yous and the What Ifs and the I Wish – all unfinished.

But what will remain unforgotten is the love and friendship we had for 5 long years. The help she gave to our family, the laughters and stories we shared, the experiences we had, the Christmases and the New Years we spent together, the stupid household fights, the dancing and movie-shooting sessions, the fashions shows, the room service meals and so many more.

Thing is, every memory i have for the last 5 years  of home includes you.

Now, pictures of home would look so weird without you. 😦

To dai2x:

I never got to say thank you. I never got to express just how important you are to me. Now, that you’re no longer with us at home – i miss you terribly.

THANK YOU so much for being a part of our lives.

You don’t know what difference you’ve made. I hope that it wasn’t too late to show how much we cared for you.

We stuck by you till the end. No regrets. No holding back. We gave everything we could just to make sure that you’re well taken care of.

..and yea,

dai2x. we love you. we’ll always do. please be well.


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