Day 2: The Journey

12 Apr

they finally graced me with their much needed presence.

her parents arrived yesterday – April 5, 2010.

i wasn’t able to meet them until 4pm when billy and me fetched them from home.

i was taking them to see dai2x in Vicente Sotto Memorial Hospital – Psychiatric ward.

on our way there, i explained to them the situation why we had to place her there (i was just actually trying to make conversation). good thing, Mr. Rogelio (dad) was a bit more of a conversationalist compared to the mom.

when we got there, i led them upstairs (i assumed the role of attending staff since the hospital staff, as i’ve experienced, are totally unhelpful).

i felt once again the tingle of fear and dread wash over me as the gates of the female ward were opened to us. the sight of the mentally disturbed patients roaming around or sleeping or following us made me a bit jumpy as always.

a dramatic moment followed after that. dai2’s mother rushed up to her and hugged her and there were tears from both parties and from me.

I took the liberty of exiting at that moment to give them some privacy. I went to talk to the nurse to ask for updates on dai2’s condition.

The nurse told me that dai2 had an attitude. she wasn’t very cooperative when it came to the sessions. and that she didn’t drink her meds either.

She would put the tablets in her mouth then spit them out in the glass of water. the nurse said she was a very frustrating patient. because she didn’t talk at all. she didn’t respond to any of their questions.

the nurse told me that he would try to ask her why she refused to drink her meds. the only thing he got out from her was these three words:

dili ko boang

this made me a bit nervous. what if we were wrong to admit her in here? as if the nurse knew what i was thinking, he quickly told me that all patients say the same thing. they never admit that they have a problem.

this relieved me. *phew*

after talking to the nurse, i went back to the crying mother and daughter.

this is when i got pissed off.

her mother  accused us (my family)  of not caring about dai2 for putting her in the hospital.

that was really judgmental of her. she didn’t have any idea in the first place what we’ve been through all week. what i’ve been through this whole week. despite everything she put me through, i did my best to bring her around. GOD knows how hard i tried.

when this whole event started (and you can read about it from all my blogs), never did it occur to me or my sister to place her inside that hospital. what we did was for her own good – it was for her own protection.

why was i even trying to explain? i wouldn’t expect her to understand. i just hoped that she wouldn’t be as judgmental either because she wasn’t the one who was there with dai2 the whole week.

here we were, the ones who had to go through the most horrible nightmare for one whole week. the ones who forced to experience the whirlwind of emotions. the ones who had to endure the sight of seeing a household member go inside one of the scariest places on earth. the ones who had to run after her everytime she decided to do something crazy.

the ones who just wanted to help.

but still, we were the one’s at fault.

cruel world.


im not being a bitter rabbit. but after all, this is my blog. so no one can object if i rant.


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