Our Haunted Story Part III.

3 Apr

i was scared. i was sad. i was hopeless. i was confused.

but now i am furious.

i feel like i was played at.

after a whole day of observing and asking questions, i realized that dai2x might not be crazy. but pretending to be crazy.

yes, she has always been an attention-seeker. but i never thought she’d go this far.

i feel like she’s doing this because she wants us to keep our attention on her. and i gave her just that.

if just for a while, i forget about her. she starts to do something crazy so that i’ll be back on her feet.

i’ve compiled all observations below:

strike 1:

that night she tried to hurt herself with a knife, she was alone in the house. i thought that my tita walked on her while she was trying to hurt herself. but after i talked to my tita, it turned out that she went outside and went in front of my tita’s house. for what reason would she do that? if a true suicidal person would want to really kill herself, she’d stay inside the house where no one would be able to stop her.

She was then asked by my tita,

ngano ni gawas man ka sa balay kung gusto ka magpakamatay?”

She answered, “kay wala ma’y tao nga mutan.aw nako“.

my tita noticed that there were red marks on her wrist. but no wounds. she thought it was probably because the knife wasn’t sharp enough.

when she was finally able to get the knife from dai2, she found out that the knife was very sharp.

so why didn’t she kill herself right away? why was she looking for an audience?

that made me thinking.

strike 2.

the whole of Maudy Thursday, i stayed home. i cancelled all my appointments for the day just so i can observe dai2 and understand the situation.

the entire day, my cousin and me were trying to make her eat (because she was still determined in her crazy mantra of NOT eating)

i finally gave up and got tired of using all means or atik atik. so i went inside my mom’s room and distracted myself using the net. my cousin felt the same way, so she went to the bathroom to take a bath.

after 10 minutes, i heard dai2 screaming. i went outside the room quickly to see what was happening.

she was standing near the door with a hammer on the ground. when i picked the hammer and gave it to my running cousin, she picked up a wine bottle and started hitting her head gently.

that’s it, a few minutes of not giving her attention, she starts screaming and doing stupid things.

this time, i wasn’t thinking. i was suspicious.

strike 3.

many times i would notice that every time she would see me talking to someone on the phone, she would listen in on the conversation.

i noticed that every time she would hear me talking to someone on the phone and i would go inside the room, she would go stand right outside the room’s window – listening.

judging from how she was “crazily” acting these past few days, it’s just weird that she’s still “sane” enough to listen in on my conversations.

i was beginning to seriously doubt her claims of being crazy.

strike 4.

that night. i was starting to become really furious.

our house was very dirty already.

dust was really thick. one-week worth of laundry was piling up. food was horrible all the time due to the lack of utensils.

i seriously wasn’t buying her acting anymore.

i started getting mad at her. i told her that she was no longer going to have any salary if she would not do anything to help in the house.

she was constantly sitting in the sofa, pretending to be crazy. OR she would roam around the house like a friggn’ supervisor.

its like ever since my cousin arrived from the province, she was incapable of doing any household work anymore.

not that’s unusual. because right before my cousin arrived, no matter how crazy she pretended to be, she still did some of her household chores.

now she took the liberty of NOT doing anything completely.

strike 5.

after praying the rosary, she attempted to out of the house.

u’l have to understand. i was already irritated, furious and tired.

i opened the gate and told her that if she wanted to leave our house, then go ahead. i will no longer stop her because that is her decision.

as i told her, “wala tika gpalayas. pero if gusto ka mulayas, d layas. d na tika pugngan kay mu samot ka’g gara. ayaw nlng jd pag expect nga gukdon tika.

it was actually a long shot for me. i was thinking at the back of my head that if she was really crazy, she’d go out. she wouldn’t be fit to rationalize if i really meant what i said or not.

but then again, i was also half-scared if she might really go out. i would be torn between being worried and sticking by my suspicions.

good thing she did what i expected her to do. she confirmed my suspicions right there and then. as i opened the door,

she stopped me

by holding the door in place.

strike 6.

after that door incident, i told her,

o nganong d naman ka mugawas? mahadlok naka karon?”

she continued to stay silent. i was thinking that she decided to keep quiet because she was already suspicious that i was getting second thoughts about believing that she was really crazy.

i told her that if she didn’t want to sleep then fine. that’s her problem not mine. but if she ever tries to knock on our doors again at 4am, i will seriously put her outside the house so we can sleep peacefully.

and lo and behold, i had a good 7-hour sleep that night.


yes, i’ve had my own tests on her. and i truly believe with all my hear that she is not crazy.

she’s just the same ol’ dai2 but at a higher attention-seeker level.

i do not doubt that she was hurt emotionally by the cajoles and mean comments of the carpenters beside our house. i am positive that that is what made her ask for even more attention.

but she does not understand that with what she did, she has lost all my respect for her.

until now, she continues to pretend to leave the house. and as much as i want to leave her alone, i cannot escape the fact that she is our responsibility, so my cousin still ends up going after her and bringing her back home.

but she never goes very far. she only goes to the places she’s been to – like around the village or punta.

she still refuses to eat but she keeps on drinking water (for someone who claims to be crazy, she seems to know that water is still sufficient to keep her on her feet) i think she still tries to keep herself awake the entire night but i think she sleeps whenever she notices that we’re not around to see her anymore.

but seriously i’ve seen the positive progress i’ve made ever since i started getting mad at her. lately, she’s back to doing household chores. i can finally ask her to do some things like do the laundry, water the plants, etc.

its sad, but i have to admit that her chapter in our home is about to end. she’ll have to go home and rest and be with her family.

as much as i’ll admittedly miss her. i am positive that her being home will be the best medicine.


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