Our Haunted Story Part I

31 Mar

Even before i got back to Cebu from work in Tacloban, my sister has already been calling me about our helper – dai2x.

She has always showed signs of childishness way back. And yes, she can be a bit weird and a bit off. I know she likes being showered with attention and praises (gwapa kay ka dai, sexy kae c dai2x, angayan kaayo ka sa imong bagOng sinena, etc) I know she tells me weird stories about being raped by a spirit before in her old house and stuff like that. I know she can be creepy. I know she can be silent one day and real talkative other days. I know she tends to go on unbelievable and unexplainable diets (not that she needs it. she always had a stick thin figure – whoever told her she was fat obviously haven’t seen me yet. tsk) I know she has quite an imagination and there are times her thoughts of grandeur can be a bit amusing.

That’s dai2. She has always been like that in the 5 long years she has been with us.

But never has she acted this way before.

It started off when carpenters started rebuilding the house beside ours (it used to be the infamous haunted house in the village. apparently, somebody bought it already and now is having it renovated). All i can remember is that these men used to buy water from us and ask for mangoes from our tree. I could remember complimenting the good they brought to dai2 because she would constantly take a bath already (before she used to go on days without a single bath – for what reason, i do not know). So what happened after, i have no idea. Or to why dai2 started to act really scary and weird.

When i was in Tacloban, she told my sister that the carpenters were calling her names like “libat” or “baho’g b**at” etc. It was not right. My sister talked to them the next day. All she got was stunned looks from the carpenters. Outraged, she didn’t really notice their reactions that time.

Next thing she knew, dai2 started telling her stories that these men allegedly went inside our garden and took a video of her while dai2 was taking a bath in her bathroom. She narrated to us that one of the carpenters were taking a video of her while she was changing – yes, she told us she was naked while he was taking the video. According to her, she was looking for her underwear. That made my sister even more mad but a bit suspicious too.

When i arrived from Tacloban, my cousin – Alde was there in our house trying to find a way to protect us if ever it were true that the carpenters were really going inside our property. I asked dai2 to narrate the story again – and all i got were the changing snippets of the story she told my sister. Her story would change constantly so we all began to question the credibility of her words.

What finally gave her in was when we (ate bella, alde, and me) were quietly talking in the living room and when dai2 suddenly said that there were voices, that very moment, calling her names.

and by gosh, we were there with her in the living room.

and there was NO single voice but ours.

NO one calling her names.

No one else in the room. But us.

The hair on the back of my neck started to prickle as she kept insisting that there were really voices. What was happening to her? We tried our best to hear what she was describing to us. But it just wasn’t there.

After my cousin left, my sister and me went to sleep already because both of us were a bit tired (me from traveling and my sister from her nurse duty). We decided to lock the door of our room while we were sleeping (as much as we hated to admit it, we were a bit scared already). After a few minutes, dai2 started knocking on the door of the room. As soon as i opened the door, she told me there were intruders outside in the back. I quickly checked our back garden – and there was no one there. She told me they were hiding (which i doubt was true)

The picture of her knocking and me checking out the back garden went on for about 3 times before i finally told her to sleep with us in the room instead so that she wouldn’t have to deal with these hallucinations.

So off we were to dreamland. My sister and me side by side in our parents’ bed and dai2 on the floor with our sofa foam as her make-shift bed.

At around 4am, i was half awaken by something. Imagine my surprise when i saw dai2 looking down at us from the foot of our bed. She was staring intently at our sleeping forms. I immediately got up and asked her irritably what she was doing.

She answered, “patay na inyong mommy.”

Imagine that. 4am in the morning. a creepy girl at the foot of your bed. telling you that your mother is dead. how do you think i reacted? i was furious. how could she say that about my mother?

and as if that wasn’t bad enough, she kept on repeating that line over and over again. I was getting irritated. As soon as my sister woke up, she started telling us that she too would be dying. My sister asked her who she thought would kill her.

And she told us, “Pwede ra kamo”

My sister calmly asked her how did she think we would kill her.

She answered, “inyo kung tadtadtadtaron

I was freaking out. we were seriously scared.

We immediately called up our relatives. we asked for help. we were in panic. what in the world were you supposed to do in a situation like this?

they have fire drills and earthquake drills in school to prepare us for natural disasters. newspaper and magazines have tips on how to avoid and handle hold-up and burglary situations. but never were advices on how to deal with a potentially crazy household member.

Until now, i am afraid of going home by myself without any key to my mom’s room (it’s the safest place in the house because it has an actual door lock).

She would persistently knock at our bedroom doors for several nights at 4am. She doesn’t let us sleep (am i imagining this or does she want us to become like her?). And every time i open the door to answer her knocks, she would say, “Patya na lage ko“.

God, what is happening to her?

She would not eat. She would starve herself. She doesn’t take a bath. She just sits in the dark or roam around the living room. She doesn’t watch tv anymore. She leaves the house dark and silent – i won’t be surprised if our house would be dubbed as the new haunted house in the village.

I would check on her from the office and she’d be crying and asking for a sundang or big knife because she would want to kill herself. (my sister hid all the knives in our mom’s cabinet. we were supposed to include our ladles and spoons and forks and everything sharp, but we had to let some of the utensils out or there won’t be any left for cooking and eating)

She would tell us repeatedly about us being videotaped by the carpenters in our neighbor. and that our conversations were being recorded as well according to her. she would tell me that her pictures were being taken by the same men while she was watching tv in the living room. (i think she watches too much tv and is influenced by the news about katrina halili’s sex video and anne curtis’ wardrobe malfunction photographs.)

God knows we’ve done our part. We’ve had several of our relatives and family friends talk to the men beside our house, and all of them got the same response. NOT ONE of them came inside our property. They did admit though that they used to make fun of dai2 for being really mean whenever they ask for mangoes or water. But as far as taking videos or pictures or voice recordings – that is not true. Their foremen swore that if anything like that was done by his men, he would really remove them from the project. And for some reason, I believe him.

They knew that we were capable of calling the police if ever they did try to trespass. But anyway, dai2 wouldn’t have been a very good witness. She constantly changed her stories.

Right now, we’re continuously having this ongoing fight of helping dai2 gain back her sanity through regularly checking on her, giving her extra compliments and making sure she eats properly (this we’ve been doing ever since.) And at the same time, trying to balance our time with work and other commitments.

It isn’t easy having to work and only have a little-over-3-hour-sleep the night before.

The realization that im no longer safe in my home feels terrible.

I just hope that she’ll be able to snap out of this. We don’t want to worry our parents anymore. It isn’t easy having to worry about your loved ones while you’re far away and helpless to do anything about the situation.

We will do our best to go through this problem.

Help us pray that dai2 would be better.

Seriously, she needs it.

we need it.


2 Responses to “Our Haunted Story Part I”

  1. reinafelicis March 31, 2010 at 11:58 pm #

    goosebumps kau while reading. huhu 😦

    i hope all will be well she… my prayers are with you.. be safe.

  2. dap April 11, 2010 at 5:45 pm #

    she!!! halfway paku nag read nah scared naku! naunsa diay c dai2? wanna know..bt will finish reading it tomorrow nah kae it’s 2am and i’m alone here hehe 😦

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