My Most Favorite Hero. :)

2 Mar

I’ve read Harry Potter’s last book, The Deathly Hallows, twice now. well the first time was just an audio book that i saved in my ipod way back in college. i used to listen to it the entire day, especially during history class wherein i would save myself the endless boring hours of listening to the teacher drone on and on and on about Jose Rizal. (Not that Harry Potter would’ve made a better hero, it’s just that his life was more fascinating to me than a couple of revolutionary stories).

I have a vague memory of me hiding Harry Potter books in the elementary library when i was in 5th grade. I didn’t want anyone to borrow it since i couldn’t bring it home — it was one of those highly expensive books that the librarian placed in the restricted area. Me as being one of the most avid visitors of the library, i got the privilege of reading most of the books inside that area. “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” was the first ever Harry Potter book that i read. I was so fascinated and so engrossed in the book that i would go to the library every single break of my day. Day after day, I buried myself in the pages of that magical book and allowed my imagination to take me to the world of Hogwarts and wizards and witches, of magic and love and courage. Since then, I fell in love with Harry Potter and his beautiful adventures.

To read the last of the 7 books made me a bit sad. Long gone is that longing of waiting for the next book. Not this time, because the 7th book is the final – the last one – the end. It was like saying goodbye to that piece of my childhood for the first time ever. I wanted to prolong reading it because I didn’t want it to end. But I couldn’t put it off any longer, considering that a Harry Potter book is not so easy to put down.

So there it was, as i flipped the last page of the final chapter of the final book, I felt my heart sigh. No longer would I be entrusted into the world filled with the loving thoughtfulness of the Weasly Family, no more exciting quidditch matches, or adventure-filled explorations in the Hogwarts castle, no more giant Hagrid with his unusual magical creatures, no more righteous and defending magic of Dumbledore, no more house elves and centaurs and unicorns, no more smart facts from Hermionie Granger, or funny statements from Ron Weasly, or snide remarks from Draco Malfoy, there will be no more fearful stories of Voldermort and his death eaters, no more gallant and courageous acts of the Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore’s Army, and most of all — no worst of all — there will be no more Harry Potter to look forward to.

It’s hard saying goodbye to that part of your life. I hate J.K Rowling for ending it all too soon. But then again, a lot of disappointments and changes might have made my memory of Harry Potter different, so it’s better that the ending happens now. For me, Harry Potter will always be that childhood hero that filled my imagination with happy thoughts of magic and love and friendship and family.

Harry Potter probably even taught me the most important lesson a 21-year old girl could ever have– courage is never the absence of fear. it is understanding fear. it is accepting fear. it isembracing fear.

To some, Harry Potter might just be some character in a make-believe book that made some small-time author a multi-millionaire celebrity. But to me, he’s more than that.

That skinny, black-haired boy with the lightning bolt scar was and will always be my most  favorite hero. 🙂


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