..of different lives with the same people

1 Mar

a blur.

that’s how i can probably best describe my life right now and for the past 10 months. i’ve met so many new people, its getting a tad too hard picking out the few you can really trust. but meeting all those people has made me realize too how important it is to treasure the old friends you already have.

when i started to move out of school and away from the “friends” i grew so used to being with, the true ones will really emerge from that bundle. the ones you can still share your new stories with even if you lead such different lives already. the few ones that still find time to comfort you when you feel like the biggest loser in the world, those who would still take the time to listen to your angry rants about a recent frustration you’ve had at work or with your partner or with just anyone.

oh yes. we different lives right now. and we might not spend every waking moment together and experience the same wins and losses like before. but we still share this part of our lives to the same people.

distance and the differences just made the friendship stronger. 🙂


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