my final farewell.

1 Mar

2009 was my blast of own piece of was my pinnacle of goodbye. it was my element of surprise. and i must say, though it wasn’t all triumphs and success — it was my year.
i can vaguely remember welcoming the year with my screaming and trying-to-be-noisy sister with our solitary and ever-observant helper behind the kitchen sink. i never thought that when i shouted my welcome to the new year that has come, i was about to embrace some of the biggest changes in my life.
i can barely believe that i was able to absorb all that has happened. fate has forcibly slabbed on me experiences i wasn’t prepared to face. i was unwilling because i was scared and i was never comfortable with change. i was never happy in the face of “not knowing”. maybe everything was really made to happen, i was just too comfortable in my familiar world that i haven’t noticed time running faster than i wanted it.

♥i bid farewell to school – my piece of home away from home. i never thought id be out of the four walls of the classroom. i was enjoying my life as a student too much that i wasn’t able to pause and think about life outside until the very last minute when reality dawned on me.

♥i triumphed over fear when i enrolled in a subject i was so sure id fail. i underestimated myself – which i should always remind myself never to do again. outright hard work and sheer luck with a dash of heavy guidance from the ONE above proved to be the perfect recipe for the sweetest success i had ever had.

♥i landed my first real job ever. and it wasn’t what i expected but it’s everything i’ve always dreamed of. to be in the midst of people and to work with people. long before i realized that i would have to say goodbye to being a student, all i ever asked HIM was to give me a job that i can be happy with – and i was given just that and so much more.

♥i traveled in over 9 provinces around the Philippines. slowly my dream of being able to visit all places in my country is becoming true.

♥for the very first time since i graced my tongue with the bitter taste of alcohol, i surrendered to chides and teases and gave in to the first wave of the ugly yet liberating experience of getting drunk.

♥i had my first ever “out-of-town” trip with my family. it was refreshing and heartwarming to be with the people you know you can always count on at the end of the day.

♥my heart was ripped apart for the very first time. i wore myself out over someone i thought was worth every single tear i shed. it was hard putting the pieces back together. and a hole will always be etched to remind me of how cruel love can be to those who fall victims to beautiful lies and echoing promises. it was hard facing reality that i was right along not to believe in fairytales and perfect endings. i had wanted so much to believe but thank you anyway for springing me back to reality.

then again, here i am, 2010 at the palm of my hand. i no longer expect things to happen the way i think they would because id just end up having surprises after surprises. il just welcome every opportunity, every mistake and every success with optimistic demeanor and an open mind.
i might have said goodbye to a lot of things and hello to an even more numerous new experiences over the past year, but the SHERYL that is trying to be now and the SHERYL that used to be before will be a stronger, more determined, ever ambitious, happier and bubblier, more serious traveler in the midst of all emerging trials. my slate has been colored new splashes of hues last 2009, but i promise myself that with this year, the colors will be brighter, bolder and even more colorful than it already is.

so to 2010, bring it! 😛


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